In blue – the story

In Blue

Let me tell you a bit about this picture. It’s a small “island” on a winter field, thats pretty obvious. It had been snowing all night and the wheat field was completely snowed in.

In the afternoon it became a dense fog that made the day dusk and the sun did its best to come through.

The image bears the title “In blue” and wants to convey the feeling that one can feel alone at times but that there is light, somewhere within all of us.

The picture has achieved great international success and is known in various contexts. The image is included in the prestigious yearbook “Best of the Best Photographers 2018”

“The sound of wings resonates across this pastel scene in tribute to winter embrace.” – First Exposure

The story is that my spouse and I were out driving this afternoon when we suddenly saw this scene.

It was an absolutely amazing light I had never seen before. Everything was blue.

I pulsed out in the snow and had snow far above my knees. There, I waited for the right moment. As I walked out into the field, my spouse Cath Blomkvist filmed the entire process where she remained in the heat of the car.

There, in the film you can see the unique light that was at the time of shooting. Thank you Cath for letting me use your movie.

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